My name is Huseyn Yusifov and I'm a frontend developer who is currently studying for his master's degree in San Francisco, CA. I prefer to design simple and pleasant UIs. I have knowledge of HTML 5, CSS 3, Sass, JavaScript, React JS, jQuery, & ASP.NET Core.

About My Skills

I have completed several projects using React JS, HTML 5, CSS 3, Sass, JavaScript, ASP.NET Core, MSSQL, and jQuery. Below you can see my projects that were developed using these technologies. I have experience in working with Git, Rest API, & AJAX.


Web Development

I have built several websites using above mentioned technologies.


As today, many people access the internet through their mobile phones, there is a necessity to design any website mobile friendly.

Web Design

I can design and develop any kind of website and am open to a client's design recommendations for a website.

My Works

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Got questions? Don't hesitate to email me anytime!